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Florida has the perfect weather for open-air rental Jeeps

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Whether you’ve been to Florida many times or it’s your first time, we recommend renting a Jeep. The elevated ride offers an excellent vantage point from which to view all of FL, from its sunny beaches to the lush everglades of the southern part of the state.

One of our favorite drives is from Miami to Key West on the Overseas Highway (U.S. Route 1) through the Florida Keys. Most of the 100 mile plus adventure is constructed on the old right-of-way of the Overseas Railroad.

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Cocoa Beach, Florida
Jeep Rental Cocoa Beach

Daytona Beach, Florida
Daytona Beach Rentals

Destin, Florida
Destin Jeep Rentals

Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Ocean Drive Jeeps

Key West, Florida
Key West Jeep Rentals POPULAR
Key West Adventures

Miami, Florida
Tons of Fun

Orlando, Florida (Disneyland)
Rental Jeeps Orlando POPULAR

Tampa Bay, Florida
Tampa Bay Jeeps

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