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Sedona is a Pioneer in the Jeep Tour Industry

Sedona Jeep Tour Companies

Sedona Arizona is home to one of the first Jeep tour companies in the United States. Our local original, Pink Jeep Tours started the off-roading tour trend in about 1960. The current Pink Adventure Tours now boasts three locations across Arizona and spots in a couple of other states.

Outdoor sustainable tourism and specifically Jeep Tours are the leading outdoor experience in Sedona. The area supports a handful of rental operators, although it’s just two companies (Pink Adventure Tours & Rainbow Adventures, LLC). Operators are in Uptown and West Sedona and most offer hotel or resort pick-up and drop-off. We recommend booking a week ahead of time to reserve your spot.

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All Jeep Tour Agencies in Sedona, Arizona

Pink Jeeps Tours

Pink Jeep Tours
We create fun through breathtaking, guided tour experiences. All of our tours depart from Uptown Sedona. We’ll take you in our custom one-of-a-kind pink Jeeps on an adventure you’ll likely never forget.

A Day in the West Jeep Tours

A Day in the West
All of the companies, including this one, are licensed by the USFS for wilderness trail usage. View the picturesque Sedona scenery and open views while making your way over big slabs and rocky roads.

Earth Wisdom Jeep Wrangler Tours

Earth Wisdom Jeep Tours
The single Sedona tour group to have permits for numerous vortex sites in Sedona. Discover the truths, opinions, and fallacies of Sedona’s vortex energy points, the speculations behind the sacred site phenomena.

Safari Jeep Tours Sedona

Safari Jeep Tours
For nearly 15 years, we have been taking people into the Sedona back-country for entertainment and experience. They offer a diversity of outings through Sedona’s iconic red rock spires and ledges.

Sedona Offroad Adventures Tour Company

Sedona Offroad Adventures
No Jeeps, just Hummers. Our scenic family-friendly rides range from rugged and exciting to laid back and carefree. Vehicles feature comfortable, forward-facing seats, unlike Jeep seating configurations.

Broken Arrow Jeep Tours

Broken Arrow Jeep Tours
Experience an off-road ride you’ll want to do it a second time. Your exclusive Broken Arrow Jeep adventure begins the minute you board your Jeep tour. This is the only guide company permitted to use this historic trail.

Red Rock Jeep Tours

Red Rock Western Jeep Tours
Their tour guides have unique personalities, providing entertainment, and dependable insight into Sedona’s legendary Red Rock country’s history and folklore. All Jeeps have heated seats for awe-inspiring scenery year-round.

How much does a Jeep tour in Sedona cost?
Local agencies conduct trips every day of the year, except Christmas. Tour rates range from about 45 to 150 dollars per person, all dependent depending on a customer’s age and specific Jeep adventure. All of the local tours are licensed and permitted by the USFS for wilderness trail usage in the National Forest.

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Learn more about Sedona Arizona
Red Rock Country is an amazing place to visit or reside. We recommend staying for 3-5 days so you get a chance to experience exploring the area, whether it’s hiking, golfing, off-roading or simply sight-seeing, Sedona has it all.

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